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21 February 2008  


SkyCaddie, the leading GPS golf rangefinder, has launched a new entry-level model to replace its hugely popular SG2.

With recent news that the PGA has sanctioned the use of GPS rangefinders in all its professional events this year, the new SG2.5 has been specifically designed to meet the inevitable surge in demand for SkyCaddies.

Lighter than its predecessor at just 3.8 ounces (108 grams) and with a 70% increased screen resolution and almost 50% increased battery life, the SG2.5 is the lightest, most compact and most effective rangefinder on the market.

The 4.5in x 2.2in device is packed with features, including the patented IntelliGreen technology, which enables golfers to measure the full depth and exact shape of the green from any angle of approach - even from adjacent fairways!

Up to three key distances can be calculated and displayed simultaneously, including carry to the front and back of the green, plus any target point in between - enabling golfers to use the four-way thumbpad to position the cursor where the flag appears on the green, and to read a distance based on the angle of attack.

With an RRP of £169.95, it is packed with all the exciting features that make SkyCaddie, already the official rangefinder of the PGA, the world’s most popular handheld golf GPS units.

Golfers enjoy benefit of a 128x128 pixel resolution screen, automatic backlighting, 14-hours of rechargeable battery life, a mini-USB port, rechargeable lithium battery and charger, belt clip, quick-start guide and installation CD.

And like its bigger brothers, the SG2.5 is packed with the specialist golf information that sets it so clearly apart from its competitors.

It gives instant and accurate information via satellite, which includes exact yardages to the front of bunkers and water hazards and to carry them. And the yardages on every single course have been physically measured on foot by Skycaddie’s UK team of ‘course enablers’.

Using real golfers to provide course information also allows SkyCaddie to programme each course’s layout with ‘fairway targets’, safe zones which advise the golfer where to lay-up to avoid trouble.

Jackie Hitchcock, of SkyCaddie, said: “We are experiencing phenomenal growth in sales and interest in SkyCaddies and the SG2.5 is a superb entry-level model. It is a significant improvement on the SG2, which itself was an incredible success, and we’re confident it will be a massive hit with golfers.”

With almost 2,000 courses mapped in Europe – and more than 17,000 now mapped worldwide and available for download from www.skycaddiegps.co.uk – demand in the UK for the innovative hand-held units has been growing dramatically.

The SkyCaddie SG2.5 conforms to USGA/R&A rulings and golfers are able to download all the courses they want to play via a range of annual SkyPlayer Membership schemes, making them perfect for the travelling golfer.

For more information golfers can call SkyCaddie on 0870 112 0513 or visit the web site: www.skycaddiegps.co.uk.

Company Contact:

Jackie Hitchcock, SkyCaddie
Tel: +44 (0)1865 876469, Email: jackie@skycaddiegps.co.uk
Web: www.skycaddiegps.co.uk

Media Contact: Andy Hiseman, Hiseman Partners
Tel: +44 (0)1780 757461, Email: andy@hiseman.com
Notes to editors:

SkyCaddie uses military-precision global positioning technology - encased in a portable handheld device, about the size of a mobile phone.

Each handset uses the SkyGolf GPS system - professional, high-performance GPS engines, with satellite-based accuracy - to provide golfers with the distances needed to play smarter, faster and have more fun! SkyCaddie’s European Head Office is based in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of the PGA.