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17 July 2007  


Try before you buy scheme is success in PGA pro shops for GPS handheld

SkyCaddie – the leading handheld golf GPS rangefinder – is celebrating a huge increase in the number of its Pro shop accounts after launching an innovative new ‘try before you buy’ scheme.

SkyCaddie is supplying a discounted demonstration unit for every Pro who places an initial order for 3-4 SkyCaddies. The unit can be loaned out to club members and course visitors, who then appreciate the shot-saving properties that the device delivers and go on to buy one for themselves.

Jackie Hitchcock of SkyCaddie, the official rangefinder of the PGA, said: “The promotion has been incredibly successful. Pros are loaning out the demonstration unit, or using it to bring a new dimension to on-course playing lessons – and this is showcasing the SkyCaddie to customers in the best possible environment.

“Re-orders have been excellent as golfers realise the dramatic effect that having precise distances can have on a score.”

Martin Porter, of Enfield Golf Club, is just one Pro who has seen the ‘SkyCaddie effect’ first-hand.

He said: “I played a couple of Saturdays ago with a friend who had never played at Enfield GC before and he played six shots better than his handicap using my new SG4.”

SkyCaddie is also celebrating major success on the PGA Europro Tour, where on average four of every tournament’s top 10 are SkyCaddie users. And in the last seven weeks, there have been two tournament winners and two holes in one from players using a SkyCaddie.

SkyCaddie combines state-of-the-art GPS technology with precision-mapping by foot to give golfers the vital information they need to reduce their scoring through improved course management.

The meticulous mapping process involves physically walking courses and marking all hazards, their ‘to’ and ‘carry’ points, as well as all run-outs and ends of fairways. They also mark ‘Fairway Targets’ – a safe area off of the tee – and on longer and more difficult holes they also give another safe ‘Lay-Up Target’.

Rangefinders were approved as a condition of competition by the R&A and USGA in January last year, and currently devices can only be used in competition if a Local Rule allows them.

SkyCaddie has been a huge success on the PGA EuroPro Tour, where a quarter of the field every week is using the devices and Tour bosses have seen pace of play improve dramatically.

Pros can place orders on 0870 112 0513 or emailing sales@skycaddiegps.co.uk.

Company Contact:

Jackie Hitchcock, SkyCaddie
Tel: +44 (0)1865 876469, Email: jackie@skycaddiegps.co.uk
Web: www.skycaddiegps.co.uk

Media Contact: Craig Bousfield, Hiseman Partners
Tel: +44 (0)1780 757478, Email: craig@hiseman.com
Notes to editors:

The SkyCaddie, developed by SkyHawke Technologies, is used on over 14,000 golf courses in 45 countries around the world. Weighing less than five ounces, the SkyCaddie uses military-precision global positioning technology - but in a portable handheld device, about the size of a cell phone.

Each handset uses the SkyGolf GPS system - professional, high-performance GPS engines, satellite-based accuracy augmentation, and proprietary accuracy enhancements - to provide golfers with the distances needed to play smarter, faster and have more fun!

Jackie Hitchcock is MD of SkyHawke Technologies (UK) Ltd - the European Head Office for the SkyCaddie GPS golf rangefinder and related products, based in Wheatley, near Oxford.