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SkyCaddie® Unveils New Wi-Fi-Enabled SGXw

Unmatched accuracy, now with wireless connectivity

Now, the most up-to-date and ONLY sub-meter precision course maps in the game are available instantly and easily with the new Wi-Fi enabled SkyCaddie® SGXw. Simply connect to a compatible wireless network at your home, office, golf course or through a public Wi-Fi hotspot for fast, easy downloads of the most reliable course maps in golf. After your round, upload your scores instantly to ClubSG™ for analysis without cables or computers.

SGXw Feature Highlights

• Wi-Fi convenience makes preloads obsolete!
• Dynamic RangeVue™ shows yardage arcs for smarter club selections
• Intelligent automation provides an almost touch-less experience during play
• High-precision, ground verified course maps – only SkyCaddie walks every course
• PinPoint Technology shows distance to the pin (coming in 2012)
• RRP £329.99
• On sale in the UK March 2012

SkyCaddie®, the #1 Rangefinder in Golf, unveils the new Wi-Fi enabled SGXw. With its new wireless capabilities, members simply connect directly to SkyGolf’s network via any non-browser Wi-Fi for fast, easy course downloads. Since most cell phone carriers now offer wireless tethering, SGXw users can even utilize their Smartphone’s Internet access as a “personal hotspot.”

In addition to wireless connectivity, the SGXw comes with many additional stroke-saving features. Interactive HoleVue™ with Auto Zoom provides an eagle’s view of the entire hole, providing yardages needed to avoid hazards and play smarter golf from tee to green. Dynamic RangeVue's pre-set yardage arcs adjust dynamically over fairway landing areas and greens allowing golfers to select the best club more quickly for every shot. IntelliGreen® Pro calculates distances to major green contours and false fronts, as well as any other point on the green from your angle of attack, saving strokes and reducing three-putts. PinPoint™ Technology (coming in 2012) allows golfers to easily add pin sheet positions while availing themselves of the advantages of the best GPS has to offer, without the hassles and limitations of aiming a laser. Combined with IntelliGreen, you’ll have every bit of information professional golfers demand from their caddies on approach shots.

SkyCaddie makes no compromises on components. The SGXw features a large 3-inch, high-resolution, transflective TFT-LCD screen for brilliant images in the brightest sunlight, an Omni-Directional, high performance GPS antenna and a 50-channel GPS receiver that locks quickly to more satellites and stays locked to optimise performance and accuracy in all terrains. TruePoint GPS™ Precision Positioning Technology, a proprietary high-performance GPS engine for ultra-fast satellite acquisition, delivers unmatched accuracy and proven reliability. An Optical Trackpad provides quick and easy navigation while AutoView enables golfers to change between SkyCaddie’s most popular screens with a simple turn of the wrist. Thanks to Wi-Fi connectivity, golfers can instantly sync and store their scores and stats online at ClubSG for post-round analysis.

SGXw Product Highlights

1st Place Winner - Golf Digest "Hot List" 1

SkyCaddie received the only Gold rating among six GPS rangefinders tested by Golf Digest magazine for its 2011 "Hot List."

Rated #1 in Accuracy - 2011 Golf Datatech Survey 2

SkyCaddie was ranked #1 in accuracy among distance measuring devices (GPS, lasers and smartphones) in a 2011 survey conducted by Golf Datatech. The survey showed that more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie than the next four trailing brands combined, with SkyCaddie beating the nearest competitor by a margin of 4:1.

Wireless Connectivity 3

Connect to a wireless network at your home, office, golf course or through a public Wi-Fi hotspot for easy course downloads. The SkyCaddie SGXw connects to most "non-browser" wireless networks, including smartphone tethering (if available).

Dynamic RangeVue™

Presenting Dynamic RangeVue™ with the SkyCaddie SGXw. Pre-set yardage arcs adjust dynamically over fairway landing areas and over greens to allow you to select the best club for every shot much more quickly. RangeVue™ provides more information, faster and more reliably than any laser rangefinder without aiming or requiring line of sight.

Optical Trackpad

The SkyCaddie SGXw Optical Trackpad avoids the operational problems faced by touch-screen users on a golf course, and provides reliable, precise on-screen navigation for more accurate distances without touching, scratching or smudging your display.

AutoView Technology

Utilizing “button-less” and “touch-less” technology, the SkyCaddie SGXw AutoView feature enables golfers to change between their most popular screens, including HoleVue, IntelliGreen and their Scorecard, with just a simple turn of the wrist from portrait to landscape positions.

Brilliant Color Display

The SkyCaddie SGXw is a durable, sleek design with a large 3-inch, high-resolution, transflective TFT-LCD screen for brilliant images in the brightest sunlight.

TruePoint™ GPS Precision Positioning Technology

Your SGXw features a high-performance GPS engine for ultra-fast satellite acquisition and unmatched accuracy and reliability. You can't trust your club, if you can't trust your caddie.

Omni-Directional, High Performance GPS Antenna

Your SGXw locks quickly to more satellites and stays locked to optimize performance and accuracy in all terrains, even under tree foliage.

High Precision Ground-Verified Course Maps 4

You can’t be sure of your yardages, unless it’s SkyCaddie. Only SkyCaddie walks every course to make sure you have information you can trust. No Tour player uses yardage books derived from satellite images or flyovers. Neither should you. Get unlimited access to the most complete, most reliable, ground-verified course maps in the game with a simple annual plan with no hidden fees or variable charges.

Preloaded Courses 4

Up to 30,000 course maps are preloaded on your SkyCaddie SGXw and ready-to-play out of the box with Basic Green information. Plus store up to 50 full-featured courses through a SkyCaddie Membership Plan.

Interactive HoleVue™ With Zoom

SkyCaddie is creating, at a rate of hundreds per month, the only high-precision graphics library of every golf hole, based on ground-corrected data. With SkyCaddie HoleVue on the SGXw, you’ll know the distance to any point on a hole in order to play that hole with the fewest strokes. Need a close-up view to strategize your next shot? HoleVue includes a patented zoom function to dial into the exact area you need to see.


With SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen® technology, the exact shape of the green automatically rotates on your SGXw to match your angle of approach to provide all of the distances you need to hit more greens and avoid 3-putts. This proprietary feature gives you a chance to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity by providing front carry and back distances, depth of green, and distances to any other point on the green — simultaneously.

IntelliGreen® Pro™

Built on proven IntelliGreen technology, IntelliGreen Pro (another proprietary feature of the SkyCaddie SGXw) adds distances to major green contours, false fronts, front and back carry distances — plus to any other point on the green from your angle of attack. This kind of crucial scoring information is only possible by precision-mapping a golf course from the ground with sub-meter accuracy. It’s only available from SkyCaddie.

Measure Any Shot

Your SkyCaddie SGXw enables you to discover exactly how far you hit every club in your bag. Knowing your club distances gives you another way to manage your game better.

Digital Scorecard and Stat Tracking

Track your score for every round on your SGXw with its Digital Scorecard feature, plus see key stats like GIR, fairways hit and total putts with ease. Sync with ClubSG™ for the most comprehensive statistical analysis in the game.


Get better connected to your game, your course, your equipment, your teacher and other golfers. Sync your SkyCaddie SGXw and store your game data in your Personal Performance Locker, track key stats, learn about courses, find a PGA Professional near you, learn if your equipment is helping or hurting your game and share your experiences with other golfers.

On sale in the UK March 2012. RRP £329.99. Contact SkyCaddie in the UK on 0800 883 0505 (0900-1700 GMT). Website: www.skycaddie.co.uk

1 Golf Digest, “2011 Hot List”, United States

2 Golf Datatech, LLC, “Golf Distance Measuring Devices: Serious Golfers’ Perspectives of the Industry’s Fastest Growing Equipment Category” Consumer Study, United States, May 2011

3 SGXw connects to most non-browser Wi-Fi hotspots. Smartphone tethering requires an eligible data plan; see your cell phone carrier for details.

4 Preloaded courses that include Basic Green information are FREE for 30 days. After 30 days, Basic Green information as well as Advanced Green and Course features require one of several nominally-priced Annual Membership Plans.


NEW FOR 2012
The wireless SkyCaddie SGXW


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