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04 February 2009  


SkyCaddie was today announced as the Official Rangefinder of the English Golf Union just weeks after the organisation took the groundbreaking decision to allow distance measuring devices in all its championships in 2009.

Having put in place a three-year agreement, SkyCaddie will this year support 18 EGU Championships, provide SkyCaddie GPS units at a special rate to county players via the EGU County Coaching network and supply SkyCaddies for use by the EGU’s England squads.

Jackie Hitchcock, SkyCaddie UK managing director, said today: “We are delighted to be working so closely with the EGU, especially as they have such strong links to the amateur game at elite, county and club level.

“Any club which was unsure whether or not to allow rangefinders in their own competitions now has a clear pointer from the EGU. And by appointing us as their Official Rangefinder, the EGU has demonstrated how confident they are with our technology and the way we map courses.

“The fact that we ask permission from every course before we map it was a strong indicator that SkyCaddie works properly and professionally with course owners. The EGU, as one of the guardians of the amateur game, understood and appreciated the importance of this fact.

“The EGU has taken a clear and positive stance on GPS rangefinders and we hope this opens the door for everyday people at everyday golf clubs to enjoy the benefits that SkyCaddie distance measuring devices can bring to their game.”

The EGU’s board of directors agreed to the use of distance measuring devices in November, following the recommendation of the Championship Committee, at a recent meeting at Woodhall Spa.

John Petrie, EGU Chief Executive, said: “We have received overwhelming support from both Counties and clubs following our decision to allow distance measuring devices at EGU Championships in 2009.

“It is a decision that will be reviewed at the end of the year, but having a single measuring device that removes the need for pacing should speed up the game.

“SkyCaddie are proving to be a great partner. We are delighted to be working with Jackie and her team who understand the reasoning behind our decision and what we want to achieve as a result and are helping us to realise that within the rules of the game.”

Earlier in 2008 the PGA voted to allow the use rangefinders at its championships, and then announced SkyCaddie as the Official Rangefinder of the PGA of Great Britain & Ireland.

Added Jackie Hitchcock: “We recently presented to EGU County coaching teams how SkyCaddie can be used as a practical training aid.

“This demonstrated that our technology isn’t limited to the golf course, but that it has a role to play in the skills development of amateur golf talent. We are very hopeful that our hands-on support of the EGU Championships will strengthen English amateur golf across the board.

“We are extremely happy to be the official rangefinder of both the PGA and the EGU.”

SkyCaddie is the ultimate golf rangefinder.

Its patented IntelliGreen technology enables golfers to measure the full depth and shape of the green from any angle of approach (even the wrong fairway!) and shows distances for all targets and hazards.

And with 95% of courses in England, Scotland and Wales now mapped – along with thousands of other courses worldwide - demand in the UK for the innovative hand-held units has been soaring.

The devices give instant and accurate information via satellite, which includes exact yardages to the front of hazards and to carry them, and precise distances to the green.

The yardages have been physically measured on foot by SkyCaddie’s UK team of ‘course mappers’. So unlike other rangefinders, who used outdated aerial photography, the on-course detail has been verified by golfers, for golfers. This really is like having a Tour caddy on your shoulder.

SkyCaddie conforms to USGA/R&A rulings and golfers are able to download the courses they want to play via a range of annual SkyPlayer Membership schemes.

For more information golfers can call SkyCaddie on 0870 112 0513 or visit the web site: www.skycaddiegps.co.uk

SkyCaddie Contact:

Jackie Hitchcock, SkyCaddie
Tel: +44 (0)1865 876469, Email: jackie@skycaddiegps.co.uk
Web: www.skycaddiegps.co.uk

English Golf Union John Petrie, English Golf Union
Tel: 01526 354500
Media Contact: John Kelly, Hiseman Partners
Tel: +44 (0)1780 757537, Email: john@hiseman.com
Notes to editors:

SkyCaddie uses military-precision global positioning technology - encased in a portable handheld device, about the size of a mobile phone.

Each handset uses the SkyGolf GPS system - professional, high-performance GPS engines, with satellite-based accuracy - to provide golfers with the distances needed to play smarter, faster and have more fun! SkyCaddie’s European Head Office is based in Wheatley, Oxfordshire. SkyCaddie is the Official Rangefinder of the PGA.