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28 February 2012 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  

MySP Golf is flexible friend for golfers

A British sports coach has launched a new training aid which uses elastic resistance bands to help a golfer to build width, consistency and power in the golf swing.

First shown to the public at the 2011 London Golf Show, the MySP Golf was invented by British professional sports coach Gerry Crawford, adapting an idea he’d had to improve hand-eye coordination while teaching cricket to children with special needs.

The basic principle, in which mild resistance is used to help to ‘groove’ the golf swing, is so fundamental that the device will help all golfers from beginners to Tour players.

“The simplest ideas are often the best,” said Crawford. “You wear a Harness around your waist, and clip what we call a Progression Band to your wrist. Swing the club as normal, and straight away you can feel how the MySP Golf aid creates a feeling of controlled power in the club during your golf swing.

“The MySP Golf training aid will help you to improve consistency in your backswing, downswing, follow-through and hip rotation, and can also be used for chipping and putting.”

Once a golfer is wearing the Harness, and has attached the desired Band, it only takes a few full swings before the MySP Golf effect can be consistently felt. Before ending the session, golfers are advised to remove the MySP Golf aid, and hit a dozen balls with the device removed to enable the muscles to re-adjust.

The product comes in three sizes, each including an entry-phase natural rubber Yellow Progression Band for initial swing training. As they gain experience golfers can upgrade to stronger Progression Bands in a variety of strengths to suit golfers of all ages and handicaps.

Prices for MYSP Golf range from £33.50 to £38.50, with further Progression Bands ranging from £6.99 to the advanced £11.99 Blue Progression Bands, suitable for elite golfers and professional coaches. The device is small and easily fits into all golf bags.

Testimonials from all types of golfer

England squad coach Gary Smith is a spokesman for the product. “A lot of golfers’ backswings break down and become cramped – and a narrow golf swing is a recipe for high scores,” he said. “MySP Golf trains you to achieve the sort of width that all the top players have in their swings. It also helps your hips rotate, and you’ll find your power, consistency, direction and strike all improve after frequent use. It will definitely take shots off your score and reduce your handicap.”

Given that a wide, controlled backswing, proper hip rotation, controlled power and consistency are fundamental to every good golf swing, Crawford claims that MySP Golf can benefit all golfers equally, regardless of the individuality of their swing, age or their golfing skill level.

Backing up these claims, Surrey golfer Daniel Gaunt, 33, spoke of his experience with the MySP Golf training aid: “It has made my swing more consistent. I feel that I don’t have to hit the ball so hard now, yet I have still gained distance. You can feel it working almost instantly.”

Working on ‘muscle memory’

During the device’s trials, Crawford received several testimonials from Tour golfers, “Elite players are more aware of the benefits of neuromuscular muscle development, more commonly known as ‘muscle memory’, and they particularly appreciate how the MySP Golf training aid works on this area to improve feel and consistency” he said. “They also said that MySP Golf helped them feel the power of the clubhead through the ball strike, and many are now using it as part of their regular swing tuning and fitness programmes.”

Golfers can buy MySP Golf directly from a secure online store at its website www.myspgolf.co.uk, or can make enquiries via info@myspgolf.co.uk.



About MySP Golf and Gerry Crawford

MySP Golf (www.myspgolf.co.uk) is a low-cost resistance system which helps to accelerate neuromuscular muscle development, commonly known as ‘muscle memory’. The specially developed Harness and Resistance Bands assist the golfer to improve the backswing, downswing, follow through and hip rotation, generating the feel of power through the clubhead during the swing. The MySP Golf swing training aid helps anyone striving for that perfect swing, chip or putt.

Gerry Crawford, 43, is a British sports coach based in Berkshire, England. While recuperating from an accident in 2008, he developed a range of sports training aids for cricket, golf, swimming, athletics and boxing under the Sports Performance Buddy umbrella.

Contact: Gerry Crawford, MySP Golf
Web: www.myspgolf.co.uk, Email info@myspgolf.co.uk
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