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09 December 2015 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  

Joseph Garratt 'Bob' Tartan Trousers - product information



  • 25.5” Waist / 26" Leg (approx. 7-8yrs)
  • 26.5” Waist / 28.5" Leg (approx. 9-10yrs)
  • 27.5” Waist / 29.5" Leg (approx. 11yrs)
  • 28.5” Waist / 30.5" Leg (approx. 12yrs)


  • Blue & Claret
  • Teal & Mustard

QUICK DESCRIPTION (approx 25 words)

Exclusive Joseph Garratt Tartan, woven in England, manufactured in Scotland. Adjustable waist, deep pockets, unfinished hem. TeflonTM coated, easy care, easy wear. 55/45 Polyester/Wool. Two colourways.

SUMMARY (approx 100 words)

Brand-new for 2015-16, Joseph Garratt’s Bob Tartan Trousers are made from traditionally-woven English cloth, in an exclusive Joseph Garratt Tartan design. Manufactured in Scotland, the Home of Golf, Bob Tartan Trousers have an adjustable waist and an unfinished hem for growing room, and useful deep pockets. The TeflonTM coated garments define easy-care, and easy-wear. 55% Polyester / 45% Wool. Available in Waist sizes from 25.5” to 28.5”, suitable for Boy golfers aged 7-12. Colour options: Teal & Mustard, Blue & Claret.

FULL DESCRIPTION (approx 300 words)

With cloth spun by traditional English weavers (established 1931) in an exclusive Joseph Garratt tartan, Bob Tartan Trousers ooze style and confidence for serious young golfers who want to portray an individual look. Meticulously tailored in Scotland, the Home of Golf, in 55% Polyester / 45% Wool, the weight of this cloth makes Bob Tartan Trousers suitable to be worn all year round, whether on a fresh summer’s day or bolstered with waterproofs for chillier Autumnal/Winter temperatures. Bob Tartan Trousers are designed for comfort, with an adjustable waist, lining to three-quarter leg length, and with all inside seams bound. External buttons identify Bob as an authentic Joseph Garratt garment, and internal buttons are Pantone-dyed to match the trouser lining. The ‘JOE.G’ brand name and company logo can be found on the left hand leg seam at the base of the pocket. Joseph Garratt’s Bob Tartan Trousers launder beautifully and are TeflonTM coated to repel water and oil-based spills. These trousers are slow to crease, and maintain a long-lasting look. Deep, frog-mouthed front pockets have easily enough capacity to hold all that a golfer needs – golf balls, tees, ball-markers and more. Back pockets are wide enough to hold the all-important opponent’s score card with a button-down closure for extra security and style. All pockets, belt loops and zip areas are bar-tacked for extra durability and strength, all important factors which combat urgent use. In recognition of the fact that they are for the younger golfer, Bob Tartan Trousers are supplied with an unfinished hem in the leg, enabling you to tailor them to your own needs, building in a little room for growth if needed. All pieces in the collection can be bought online at www.josephgarratt.com. Contact the team via sales@josephgarratt.com or call +44 (0)7711 802528.

26" Leg
MEDIA AND IMAGES: Andy Hiseman at Magic Hour Media | +44 (0)7795 360112 | andy@hiseman.com  
CONTACT JOSEPH GARRATT: Maria Healy, sales@josephgarratt.com, +44 (0)7711 802528  
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Golf PR & Marketing, Web, Email, Digital, Media Buying, Golf Consultancy


Joseph Garratt - 'Bob' Tartan Trousers (Teal / Mustard).

Golf PR & Marketing, Web, Email, Digital, Media Buying, Golf Consultancy


Joseph Garratt - 'Bob' Tartan Trousers (Blue / Claret).



Joseph Garratt is a family-run business bringing high-quality British manufacturing, close attention to detail and traditional designs to golf apparel. Its first collection is aimed at boy golfers aged 7 to 12, with a selection of Trousers, Plus Twos, Jumpers, Socks and Hats.