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High-Performance Honma Arrives At iPlayGolfUK

NEWPORT PAGNELL, BUCKS, UK – Now there’s another reason to visit the country’s newest indoor golf simulator centre – iPlayGolfUK, near Milton Keynes – with the arrival of high-performance golf equipment brand Honma in the centre’s custom-fitting area.

Golfers can now try and buy equipment from the Japanese clubmaker, known worldwide for hand-crafting the finest golf clubs imaginable, after a fitting from iPlayGolf’s skilled team of PGA professionals.

Honma’s Paris-based expert Mathieu Humel recently visited iPlayGolfUK to train the centre’s staff, to explain the unique way in which Honma fits golfers for their ideal set.

Danny Poulter, Greg Tilbury plus former Ladies European Tour star Samantha Head form the custom-fitting team at iPlayGolfUK.

“We’re now the only place between north London and Manchester where you can try and buy these amazing hand-made golf clubs” said Poulter, who heads the PGA team at iPlayGolfUK.

“Honma clubs represent quite an investment, but their ability to hand-craft the ultimate golf club is simply unmatched by anyone else in the world. I play their clubs myself, and the performance difference is astonishing.

”It’s the same in many walks of life, whether you’re talking about cars, photography or anything else which involves performance tech. If you’re serious about reaching your ultimate potential as a golfer, Honma represents the very top end of our sport”.

Each item of Honma golf equipment is produced by hand in its famed Sakata studio in northern Japan, where over 250 professional clubmakers – including an elite Honma team of ‘takumi’ master craftsmen – build and assemble bespoke golf clubheads and shafts to order. At least 100 people work on each individual club.

When tested with the latest launch monitor technology, Honma’s performance statistics are startling when compared to other brands, and golfers can now compare how their current clubs perform against Honma at iPlayGolfUK, which has six Foresight GC2 simulators each with a Smart Camera System for the ultimate feedback.

Honma is famous for being the brand of choice for royalty, celebrities and business moguls, and around the world there are legions of Honma connoisseurs and collectors who swear by the brand.

However, although sets of Honma golf clubs in the ultimate 5 Star specification can cost over £75,000, with individual clubs costing almost £6,000 apiece, golfers don’t need to sell their house to buy Honma’s high-performance clubs. Sets of Honma irons start at £1,130, Honma woods start at £400 apiece, and individual iron clubs including putters and wedges start at just £195.

“It’s true that if you take advantage of their myriad of personalisation and precious metal options, Honma’s top-end 4 Star and 5 Star clubs can produce some eye-watering numbers” said Poulter. “But even their entry-level clubs perform amazingly when compared to other brands. I’d urge anyone to come in and try these stunning golf clubs”.

Please call iPlayGolfUK on 01908 299366 to arrange your personal Honma appointment.


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iPlayGolfUK Contact:  

Neil Wilcox, Managing Director
+44 (0)1908 299366 /

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Golf PR & Marketing, Web, Email, Digital, Media Buying, Golf Consultancy

Honma at iPlayGolfUK (2)

Golf PR & Marketing, Web, Email, Digital, Media Buying, Golf Consultancy
A professional clubmaker crafts a golf clubhead in Honma's Sakata, Japan studio (Photo: Andy Hiseman) Golf PR & Marketing, Web, Email, Digital, Media Buying, Golf Consultancy

About iPlayGolfUK


iPlayGolfUK creates a real golfing experience indoors, with six Foresight GC2 simulator screens with Smart Camera System offering play at over 70 world-class golf courses in stunning high definition. Test yourself and your friends at the UK’s largest indoor golf playground! We offer everything from Crazy Golf, Pitch And Putt, FairyTale Golf, Smash The Windows, Longest Drive and Nearest The Pin to full 72-hole tournaments on Open Championship, U.S.Open and Ryder Cup courses. The venue, which is open from 0900 till late seven days a week, also offers a price-matched golf retail operation selling over a dozen major golf brands, a full Custom-Fitting facility, PGA Professional instruction, club upgrades and repairs, a SAM Puttlab and a luxurious VIP Room with super-sized screen along with a licensed Bar with Costa Coffee showing Sky Sports, a relaxing Café with a full selection of refreshments, and facilities for Xbox, PS4 and Wii video games. iPlayGolfUK is located in Newport Pagnell, close to M1 Junction 14 and Milton Keynes, in central United Kingdom, a short journey from London.


About Honma


Hiro Honma hand-built his first persimmon wood 56 years ago, and over the years Honma’s Japanese craftsmen and women have perfected the art of making ultra-high-performance golf clubs, including the shafts which power them. Honma’s meticulous approach is illustrated in every stage of a golf club’s life. No compromise is made at any stage, from initial design, through a manufacturing process in which at least 100 Honma craftsmen and women handle each club, to final checking and testing. Every single club is inspected by eye before it leaves Honma’s Sakata facility in northern Japan. Using state-of-the-art clubmaking technology, and the finest high-performance materials available, Honma ‘takumi’ Master Craftsmen add a uniquely human factor – decades of experience in the fine art of the golf club – to every piece of equipment the company produces. When you pick up a Honma golf club, you can be secure in the knowledge that skilled Japanese club makers have worked at length to craft it into the optimal piece of golf equipment. Honma golf equipment sells throughout the UK at a select group of expert custom-fitters and clubmakers, or by direct appointment with Honma itself. Honma’s Star grading system enables golfers to specify their new Honma clubs according to budget and personalisation preferences, including their preferred grade of exclusive Honma shaft along with additional customisation options including head colour, shaft colour and the addition of 24 Karat gold and PT1000 platinum detailing and weights. 5-Star Honma drivers and fairway woods retail for £5,600 per club, with 5-Star Honma irons starting at £28,800 for a set of six clubs. However you can buy a set of Honma irons for as little as £1,130 with woods starting at £400 and individual irons including putters and wedges starting at £195 per club.