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Over 700 newcomers to golf as Glendale Golf Festival smashes target

Glendale Golf, which operates seven public golf centres across the UK, is celebrating after a recent Golf Festival attracted well over 700 newcomers to its facilities.

The company had given staff at each of its centres a clear goal: devise and run a Golf Festival in August, banish the stereotypically stuffy image of golf, and attract at least 100 out-and-out first-time golfers to your centre.

The staff responded by delivering an emphatic success. By the end of August over 2,000 people had made their first-ever visit to a Glendale Golf centre, with approaching 1,000 of them trying golf for the very first time.

Star performers were Tilgate Forest in West Sussex, which created over 200 new golfers, and Richmond Park in London, where 173 people hit a golf ball for the very first time. In the north-west, Duxbury Park in Chorley attracted 149 first-timers, and Nottingham’s Edwalton Golf Centre also soared well past the 100 new golfer mark.

The Glendale Golf centres at Portsmouth, Beckenham and Castle Point in Essex each also attracted over 100 first-time visitors during the Festival.

Each centre engaged with local community leaders to invite people to use Glendale Golf facilities for a variety of fun events, both golf-themed and non-golf, during August this year.

The result? August 2015 at Glendale Golf centres rocked with live music events, craft fairs, children’s attractions and other family entertainment enlivening the golf centres alongside the golf camps, free beginner lessons and family fun golf challenges which encouraged people to have their first go at golf.

“It was a knockout success” said Tom Brooke, Managing Director of Glendale Golf. “Seeing our golf centres brimming with new faces this summer put everybody on a high, and our people did a superlative job in getting so many people to try golf for the first time.

“It proves that golf can still get people off their sofas, and prise them away from their mobile phone screens, if you make it fun enough. Particularly parents! Across our golf centres we provided hundreds of them with free outdoor entertainment for their children this summer, and they embraced it. Now, we must follow up on this terrific start, and work on persuading people to come back again and again, and to take – one day – their first steps on the main golf course”.

Not all activities were based at the golf centres. Many Glendale Golf staff also gave free golf taster lessons in parks and community centres throughout August, producing a wealth of individual success stories of all sizes during the group-wide Festival.

Tilgate Forest GC golf professional Lea Cooper, for example, gave 90 free taster lessons in a single day in Tilgate Park; Duxbury Park attracted 140 non-golfers to try golf for the first time in a single Fun Day; and Edwalton GC’s golf professional Mark Taylor persuaded over 100 complete newcomers to hit their first-ever golf shots on a ‘Lark In The Park’ day in Nottingham.

At Richmond Park in London, PGA professionals Stuart Hill and Chris Bennions not only hosted a series of Summer Camps for first-time juniors aged between 5 and 8 years old, but they also persuaded seven of the children’s mothers to begin a ladies’ complete beginners group class every Saturday morning.

Know someone who would like to give golf a try? Glendale Golf has seven welcoming golf centres across the UK, from the North West to Portsmouth. See www.glendalegolf.co.uk for your nearest centre, and get in touch.


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CONTACT GLENDALE GOLF: Tom Brooke, tom.brooke@glendalegolf.co.uk  
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PHOTO CAPTION: Glendale Golf Festival 2015 at Richmond Park GC in London.



Each of the seven Glendale Golf centres are dedicated to giving players of all abilities a true golfing experience in a relaxed, modern and welcoming environment. Glendale Golf centres offer golf quality at an affordable price, making golf easily accessible regardless of your age or ability. Golf at a Glendale Golf centre is traditionally British in style and respectful of the heritage of the game, but the sport and all of the benefits which it offers as regards play, competition, learning, exercise and social life is delivered in a non-stereotypical fashion. Glendale Golf’s golf centres open for play in 2015 are Tilgate Forest Golf Centre in West Sussex; Richmond Park Golf Course and Beckenham Golf Course in London; Portsmouth Golf Course in Hampshire; Edwalton Golf Centre near Nottingham; Duxbury Park Golf Course in Chorley; and Castle Point Golf Course on Canvey Island in Essex.