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E-Z-GO Partners With DSG Tag Systems

Signs a strategic agreement to sell and co-market sale and co-marketing DSG's TAG-150 product line and accessories.

E-Z-GO announced today that it has signed a strategic agreement with DSG Tag Systems Inc., for the sale and co-marketing of its TAG-150 product line and accessories through the worldwide E-Z-GO sales channels.

DSG Tag Systems has developed the TAG-150, a revolutionary fleet management and tracking system, designed specifically to help golf course operators be more efficient in managing their vehicles and equipment, as well as labour resources.

The system utilises a combination of wireless technologies to track and report the exact location and status of all tagged assets, issue alerts to facility managers and notifications to vehicle operators.

The TAG-150 is compatible with any E-Z-GO or Cushman vehicle, gas or electric.

DSG offers two accessories for the TAG-150 product designed to add new functionality aimed at the vehicle operator and to facilitate communication between the golf course operator and customers.

  • The first accessory, the TAG TEXT, is an alphanumeric text display featuring a rugged weather-proof case with mounting options for any E-Z-GO golf car, which adds messaging and distance measurement capabilities to the versatile TAG-150 vehicle unit. Players now have access to distance measurement capabilities while golf course management has a very affordable and convenient way to communicate with the players in the field.
  • The second accessory is the TAG TOUCH, a high-definition colour, capacitive touch input display, which provides the golfer with a graphic representation of the hole played and offers features such as pro-tips, green-view, score keeping, distance measurement and many others. This new unit is aimed at high-end facilities interested in creating an exceptional user experience for their customers.

"The product offered by DSG Tag Systems is a perfect companion for the products E-Z-GO is offering to the global golf market and gives our customers a new high-tech tool to better manage their facilities and protect their mobile assets," said Mike Parkhurst, E-Z-GO vice president of Golf Business.

"We are very excited about the new relationship with E-Z-GO and looking forward to expand our market reach through their extensive network of sales professionals and distributors," said Robert Silzer, Sr., CEO of DSG Tag Systems, Inc.



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CONTACT DSG TAG (UK): Colin Surman, Vice President International Sales
DSG TAG Systems International Limited
colin@dsgtag.com, +44 (0)1865 784434
MEDIA: Andy Hiseman
andy@hiseman.com, +44 (0)7795 360112
ABOUT DSG Fleet Solutions  


DSG Fleet Solutions specializes in reducing the operation costs facing operators of Golf, Turf, and Utility fleets. Our flagship product is the revolutionary TAG, a new benchmark in Fleet Management.

With the TAG installed on their fleet, operators know exactly where any particular vehicle is and what its doing. TAG delivers real time information that is accessible from any computer. You have complete control over your fleet. TAG is helping operators reduce costs such as labour, theft, vandalism, slow play on the golf course, and fuel.

By addressing many of these operational issues our customers are seeing real benefits to their profitability and the bottom-line. If you operate any kind of fleet you need to know about the TAG and how it can help your business complete in a challenging economy.